About Me

I am an expert driver of my lane in life...even with all the pot holes and detours along life's journey! My passion is to walk through life's transitions with people so they can live out their purpose and become experts of their own lane. The "vehicles" which allow me to do this daily are being a homeschooling mom, speaker, published author, Human Behavior/Certified DISC Consultant, and
a licensed Realtor® in Northern Virginia. I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University with concentrations in business and psychology. I enjoy hanging out with my husband of 20 years and playing board games with our three kids. In all of my "free time", I absorb as many books as I can and sneak in a nap whenever possible.

My Why

To walk through life's transitions with people 
so they can walk in their purpose



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Are you moving with kids? Have you noticed and wondered why their behavior is changing? The answer is packed inside them. In Moving with Kids: Unpacking Your Kids' DISC Personality, you will learn how to identify your child's primary personality style and how personality styles impact behavior - especially under stress like during a move. You will gain practical tips on how to help them not only process the move and adjust to a new neighborhood or school, but also gain insight on how best to communicate, encourage, and motivate your child even after the move based on their DISC personality style. 

Available online and in person.

My Core Values

Stay In My Lane

Carefully evaluate new “vehicles” or opportunities to ensure each vehicle in my lane adds value to the fleet as a means of living out my giftedness


Be Fearless and Fear Less

Have courage and keep moving forward persevering through life’s challenges with a positive attitude


Get Off the Bench and In the Huddle

Invest in and advocate for family, friends, clients, and others in my path with respect, compassion, grace, and encouragement

Think, Think, Think

Be creative and unique within ethical, legal, and professional limits when developing solutions and strategies

Always Be Learning

Actively participate in learning activities that refine and expand my knowledge and skill set to increase my competency level and cultivate personal depth

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